Keynote Speaker

Holly Elissa Bruno’s keynotes have received acclaim around the world, from New Zealand to Hungary and in 47 of the United States. Her keynotes are interactive: you will be invited to actively participate or sit back, learn and enjoy. The choice is yours. Expect to be challenged, inspired, laugh heartily and come away with practical tips on how you alone can make a difference.



Holly Elissa Bruno is a best-selling author who has written ground-breaking books on education leadership, emotional intelligence and managing legal risks.

  • What You Need To Lead an Early Childhood Program: Emotional Intelligence in Practice
  • Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs: How to Prevent Flare-Ups from Becoming Lawsuits
  • Learning from the Bumps in the Road: Insights from Early Childhood Leaders
  • Leading on Purpose: Emotionally Intelligent Early Childhood Administration
  • The Comfort of Little Things: An Educator’s Guide to Second Chances – A silver medal winner in the 2015 Living Now Book Awards






February 9, 2017 – Speaker – Leominster, MA

Westminster Recovery Centres of America

  • EQ and/or putting neuroscience on how adult brains function to work for you.
February 10, 2017 – Workshop – Leominster, MA

Montachusett Directors’ Group

  • Preventing legal troubles: what if dad arrives drunk and insists on driving his son home? Teacher Millicent insists she has to have her personal cell phone with her at all times?
February 27, 2017 – Presenter – Houston, TX

Texas Association for Administrators and Supervisors of Programs for Children with Young Children


Radio Host

Holly Elissa’s radio online radio programs, Heart to Heart Conversations on Leadership: Your Guide to Making a Difference, on BAM! Radio Network have been on iTunes k-12 top podcast list.

Part II: Why Do Some White Women Struggle With Managing Black Women?
Holly Elissa Bruno wth Marquita Furness Davis, Cori Berg,  Brandi Pritchett-Johnson,  Dwight Carter


Humor, Surprise and Joy: The Ed Leader’s Secret Sauce
Holly Elissa Bruno with Chad Caddell, James Detwiler, Joe Mazza


Why Do Some White Women Struggle With Managing Black Women? 
Holly Elissa Bruno with with Marquita Furness Davis, Cori Berg,  Brandi Pritchett-Johnson,  Dwight Carter


Team Builder

If your team or organization is losing its conviction, invite Holly Elissa to deliver a team building session that restores resilience, laughter and passion, while addressing underlying problems with respect.

[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="center" width="1100"]Realizing that assumptions can be our downfall, we dive deeper for something more elemental: the truth. – Holly Elissa Bruno, Learning from the Bumps in the Road[/blockquote]