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An Educator’s Guide to Managing Racial and Cultural Conflict

1JohnsonLitwinOffuttRhodesCultural differences often creates big barriers to conflict resolution. In this segment we explore the insights gleaned from recent research that can help us become more skilled at  managing cross- cultural conflict.

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Addicted to Technology: Do We Need a 12 Step Program?


Technology can be good.  But what happens when technology is so good that we can’t do without it?  Join our discussion on technology compulsion and addiction.
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Part 1: White Women Supervising Black Women

1BergCarterDavisJohnsonSome leadership issues are hard to discuss. Thanks to encouragement by listeners like you, we are looking into one of those issues: what gets in the way when white women supervise black women?

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Developing the Next Generation of Education Leaders

1GlennLenzBerkowiczHolly Elissa Bruno with J. Glenn Hopkins, Bob Lenz, Jill Berkowicz Ed.D

According to a recent study, most principals wouldn’t recommend their job to others and a majority of teachers are not interested in becoming principals. In this segment we …

Modeling How to Learn and Grow Through Failure

1AlbrechtGalpinHoerrOur guests agree, accepting mistakes and learning from failure is a lot easier said than done. In this segment, we discuss how to move from platitudes to practice on managing our response to missteps.

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