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Hounds of Heaven | Holly Elissa Bruno

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Hounds of Heaven

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

This second chance which is making the rounds inside me is not a daily second chance.

I love those daily second chances that emerge because I stop to notice where I am: entranced by the movement of a wooly caterpillar, transfixed by the cherry pink peony’s ebullience, fascinated by my young son’s question: “What happens to God when I die?”

I love second chances that bloom out of paying it forward: Witnessing the surprised delight of an older couple when they discover someone unknown has paid for their rare “date night” dinner out. Witnessing wonder in the eyes of a child of refugees when she wins a full scholarship to college. Witnessing a teacher gasp upon finding a vase of red roses in her classroom. Watching the slow smile of the next customer at the coffee shop when he hears, “Your order has been taken care of, sir.”

Every second chance I have witnessed or experienced is a momentary miracle. A moment of awe and gratitude. Timelessness and humility. A moment to see with the eyes of a child.

This second chance which is making the rounds inside me is not a daily second chance. This yet-to-be-formed second chance is a life-changer. A knock-your-socks-off, not-know-what-hit-you, shout “Halleluia!” second chance. I know this. I feel this. I have felt this before at defining points in my life.

I felt this when, to confront my fear of heights, I leapt off the platform of a zip line tautly stretched above the Guatemalan jungle. I felt this when I accepted McGraw-Hill’s offer to write a textbook I didn’t believe I could write. I felt this when I received a photograph of a ten-month-old wild-haired “No-I-won’t-hold-still-for-this-picture” boy from Anyang, Korea; if I said “yes” to the adoption agency, that baby would become my forever son.

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