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Exchange Review | Holly Elissa Bruno

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Exchange Review

Exchange Review

Holly Elissa Bruno, writing in the book, The Comfort of Little Things: An Educator’s Guide to Second Chances, described a moment in her life when “I made a powerful decision: to deepen my spirituality and live a truer life…Yes, I had a happy and fulfilling life. But something was missing. Something was amiss. Something awaited me that I could not see. That something was a second chance…And so I stepped away from the known…to risk the unknown.” As she describes the courageous changes she made in her life, she writes: “I had no idea where my quest would take me. But I knew I had to choose freedom over security, learning over repeating, and love over all substitutes.”

She issues this invitation to other educators: “You have had these moments, these opportunities for second chances. You offer these moments to others every day; you bear witness to a child’s wonder and in so doing, open the way for a lifetime of learning. You listen to a person’s struggle and hear the dream beneath the suffering. You create classrooms everywhere: on a field trip to the fire station, in the moment a child is about the strike another child, when a burdened parent walks through your door, when things don’t turn out as you had planned, when you listen to your own true voice. This is the territory of second chances.”