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Testimonials | Holly Elissa Bruno


Thank you. Your sincere presentation truly has changed my life and my professional path. Thank you for your inspiration and passion.


I attended your seminar today on “professionalism is not just a 15 letter word” I wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know how touched I was. you re-opened my eyes to so much. I cannot thank you enough. when I signed up for the seminar, my attitude was that I simply wanted to get my 6 hours in and be done with it. I couldn’t be more wrong about the seminar. you have such charisma and positive energy. it was thoroughly refreshing. I didn’t realize how “in the box” my thoughts were about certain situations. I feel very lucky to have been able to be a part of your seminar and I hope that I can attend another one in the future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of wisdom.


I do not often email presenters, but I wanted you to know how wonderful and embracing your keynote address was. I enjoyed your presentation at the 21st Century conference at the WigWam Litchfield, in Arizona. – JMK, Phoenix Elementary Principal


I am just ecstatic about the staff’s excitement with your training. …everyone was talking about the training and how helpful it was for our group. I’ve never been more proud of my staff and want to thank-you for coming into our lives and helping us to see how we can work together in a different way. I feel a new sense of teamwork among the staff that I have not felt since we started two years ago. People are sharing differences kindly and asking each other in team meetings this morning to be more honest about our shadow areas and areas of strength so that we can work more effectively in teams this year. You have made quite an impact on us! Three people have already asked me when you are coming back and I hope that you will be able to in the future.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful work you did with all of us. I think that the depth you gave us all with the MBTI was so important and the follow through of what strengths we all bring and what we need to be aware of in ourselves that may hinder the team was just what we needed. The ways you worked with all of us allowed the entire team to work more effectively for the rest of our three days and we are in an entirely new place as we begin the new year. So many, many thanks!


Holly was wonderful. We registered thinking “Ugh! Three hours of law!”. We left wishing we had 3 more hours. Thank you, Holly. You have put my mind as a business owner at ease. Wish this session had lasted all day. Holly is so knowledgeable about child care issues. She showed an enormous amount of respect for audience participants.


Your respect for all the providers was so evident that everyone felt free to participate and share. There is much more energy to continue the work that you began and providers are truly wanting to actively support each other.


I am sending a great big THANK YOU for whatever message you conveyed in your Smart Start presentation last week. Three of my staff members came back with renewed dedication to “Keep their eyes on the prize” of quality care for children and families. I believe an angel sent you right on time…what a difference you’ve made.


Thank you so much for presenting at the NCCA Annual Conference in March. Your evaluations were wonderful. You make us look good!