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The Art and Science of Decision Making

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Imagine yourself, not as the busy professional you are today, but as a 12th century judge presiding over the Court of Law in the verdant countryside of feudal England. William, a tenant, who rents his farmland from a local lord, appears before you. The details of Williamʼs case follow in the box below. What say you?

Williamʼs Case:
The law says: Tenants, who rent property from the landlord, must pay their rent on time each season.  Failure to pay on time will result
in forfeiture of the land. Williamʼs rent is due on the April 15.  William pays his rent on the 20th of April.  William appears before you, asking that he and his family be permitted to stay on the property.

As you consider what to do in Williamʼs case, you may be reminded of similar situations you have faced. For example, you probably

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