Reclaim Optimism and Joie de Vivre

Holly Elissa can also design a new workshop and/or tailor an existing workshop to meet your needs. Keynote topics can be adapted into workshop topics.

Heart to heart conversations on leadership: Your guide to making a difference Leaders are supposed to be “all things to all people”, knowing how to face daunting issues and challenging people. The truth is, most of us wish we could honestly and confidentially share and find answers to what stumps us, bothers us, engages us and inspires us:

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Holly Elissa Bruno’s keynotes have received acclaim around the world, from New Zealand to Hungary and in 47 of the United States. Her keynotes are interactive: you will be invited to actively participate or sit back, learn and enjoy. The choice is yours. Expect to be challenged, inspired, laugh heartily and come away with practical tips on how you alone can make a difference.

If your team needs to reclaim optimism and joie de vivre while, at the same time, address underlying challenges, consider team building. Working with you to assess your goals and needs, Holly Elissa will design a session to support your team in identifying, acknowledging and working to alleviate “stuck” dynamics. Certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Holly Elissa uses humor and respectful honesty to help teams reclaim their passion.

If your team or organization is losing its conviction, invite Holly Elissa to deliver a team building session that restores resilience, laughter and passion, while addressing underlying problems with respect.

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  • How do we keep our heads when all about us are losing theirs and blaming us?
  • What can we do to minimize our risk of being sued?
  • How can we summon up our courage to confront people that push our buttons?
  • Can we be confident we are making the wisest decision?
  • Do we sometimes feel like an imposter?
  • Who can we trust?
  • When should we apologize and when not?
  • How can we avoid burn out and keep our thinking new?


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